To keep pace with ever-changing business demands, clients must constantly innovate within their established SAP systems by improving existing business processes, introducing new processes, ensuring regulatory compliance, cutting costs, etc. Such initiatives are not always major projects that need a large investment in terms of budget and resources, yet they are absolutely critical from a strategic point of view.

With our decades of experience serving several consulting companies and being directly responsible for delivery of such projects, we observed several weak points with their approach:

  1. Primary focus on large projects, with a lack of priority for small and medium-size projects
  2. Reliance on whatever resources are available on bench rather than selection of the best-suited consultants.
  3. One-size-fits-all mentality for estimates.
  4. Exorbitantly high consulting fees and travel expenses for average-quality results.
  5. Experience/Time/Communication gap between onshore and off-shore reces.

We realized that although the SAP consulting world is highly populated, the market demands a company that focuses solely on strategic projects within established SAP systems. We identified a clear need for a company that helps clients succeed by ensuring undivided attention to their small and medium-size projects and by offering best of the breed SAP expertise at a fair price.